The Battle for the Service Layer in 2019: The Media Revolution has begun!

by Marketing • 8th February 2019

The CEO of Inskin Media, Hugo Drayton, casts his eye over the current state of media and, he predicts, big changes are coming its way… In the years before the internet Age, the old adage that “Information is Power” was represented by an omnipotent establishment with privileged access to the knowledge that was keeping them in […]

Inskin among the first ten companies to complete IAB Transparency FAQs

by Marketing • 28th January 2019

Transparency is vital to a healthy online advertising ecosystem. In order to facilitate transparency within the industry, the IAB has announced a new initiative, whereby companies complete the Transparency FAQs which are then published on the IAB website. The goal is to “help aid advertiser understanding of the value they derive from companies within the digital […]

Inskin has received the JICWEBS Anti Ad-Fraud seal for another year

by Marketing • 18th July 2018

Inskin has earned the JICWEBS Anti Ad Fraud seal for another year. To gain the seal, businesses must demonstrate their compliance with the six Good Practice Principles, and then be verified by abc. You can see what the principles are, and how Inskin complies with them, here. Inskin was among the first ten companies to receive […]

Inskin earns JICWEBS Brand Safety seal for the fifth year running

by Marketing • 10th July 2018

The Inskin Media team is proud to announce that we have received the JICWEBS DTSG Brand Safety seal for the fifth year running.  The certification is based around six Good Practice Principles, and is awarded to companies that can show compliance with each principle. The Good Practice Principles are as follows: The Buyers and Sellers of […]

Newsletter Release: contextual targeting

by Madeleine Freigang • 27th June 2018

Have we been doing brand safety wrong? – Published on Campaign

by Marketing • 29th May 2018

Campaign published an article that details the results from our latest research project. It explores the question, “have we been doing brand safety wrong?” “Is the industry thinking about brand safety in the right way? Are its energies directed to a place that will make a difference? Recent research shows that the publishing environment has […]

Study: Reader and publisher relationship has “catalytic” effect on ad effectiveness

by Madeleine Freigang • 23rd November 2017
Study: How media contexts affect brand perception in online ads New study by Inskin, Conquest and Research Now reveals: Reader and publisher relationship has “catalytic” effect on ad effectiveness Brand safety is considerably more complex than the industry thinks London, 22 November 2017. The relationship a reader has with a publisher has far more impact [...]

Inskin Media awarded JICWEBS anti ad-fraud seal

by Madeleine Freigang • 7th November 2017
Inskin Media awarded JICWEBS anti ad-fraud seal The ad tech company is among the first 10 UK companies to be certified London, 26 October 2017: Inskin Media is among the first ten companies in the UK to receive the JICWEBS Seal of Compliance, as verified by independent auditor ABC, demonstrating that it has met the [...]

Thirsty? Inskin Presents this Spring’s Drinks Menu

by isadmin • 7th April 2017

What will quench your thirst this spring – a bountiful English Bulmers, the Jamaican coffee liqueur Tia Maria, untameable Bacardi, the world’s most admired Villa Maria or exotically spiced Bombay Sapphire? We hope our campaigns will help you decide

Study: Online Ads need to be Viewable for 14 Seconds to be Seen

by isadmin • 30th March 2017

Sydney, 30 March 2017 – An online ad needs to be on the screen for 14 seconds to have any chance of being looked at, according to a new study on the relationship between viewability, gaze time and people’s ability to remember ads