Australia: Tourism New Zealand is the first advertiser to use Inskin’s bespoke mobile format,
PageSkin Edge, on Smartphone

Inskin Media partnered with Mindshare on a high-impact online branding campaign for Tourism New Zealand, the first advertiser to use Inskin’s PageSkin Edge on Smartphone in Australia.
The objective of this campaign was to inspire Australians to think about New Zealand as their holiday destination, targeting new and previous visitors, independent professionals and active boomers.


Tourism NZ



Solution: PageSkin Edge on Smartphone

  • Non-intrusive HTML5 branding format for smartphones
  • Works in portrait and landscape
  • Multiple CTAs & campaign video incorporated in right-hand creative space
  • Brand messaging remains in view




“With a 96.5% viewabillity rate as verified by Moat, and an average in-view time of 48 seconds, Tourism New Zealand’s campaign enjoyed quality engagement and boosted brand dwell-time. Where mobile formats are typically known for low-dwell and higher-click, this Inskin campaign focused more on branding, while still managing a CTR of 1.69%, a figure well above industry benchmarks.”
Maddy Nash, Digital Planner / Buyer, Mindshare


Campaign Reporting
(Powered by Moat) Viewability Reporting Jeep

* Percentage of impressions where viewability-related metrics were measured (number of In-View Measurable Impressions / number of Impressions Analysed).
** Percentage of impressions where at least 50% of an ad was In-View for at least one continuous second.
*** Length of time an ad has been active and In-View.

PR Coverage

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