Moccona’s ‘Wake Up with Style’ multi-screen campaign achieves 88.31% viewability and 71.94 seconds in-view time with PageSkin Plus


To celebrate the advertiser’s iconic coffee jars, Moccona teamed up with Australian sleepwear designer, Peter Alexander, to produce a limited edition collection of 4 exclusive jar designs, using his renowned style of bold prints and patterns. The idea behind their partnership for ‘Wake Up in Style’ campaign was to highlight the strong link between having your first sip of coffee wearing your pyjamas whilst waking up.


The Objective

  • Drive awareness of Moccona’s partnership with Peter Alexander, and its range of exclusive jar patterns
  • Encourage coffee lovers to buy all 4 limited edition, reusable jars


The Solution

PageSkin Plus – multi-screen, rich-media branding campaign

      • An eye-catching display ad format, which wraps around entire web pages in a takeover style, available across all devices
      • 4 iconic coffee jars are showcased in the extended header and both sidebars, with their bold patterns displayed in the sidebars as a backdrop to the jars
      • Brand messaging and creatives scroll with the user





Moving heatmap on desktop

Moccona’s ‘Wake Up with Style’ campaign delivered positive visual engagement results, with strong video heat map activity on the creative elements in the header and both sidebars.


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