Inskin Media recently partnered with the7stars in order to raise awareness of R&R Ice Cream’s latest campaign,  Cadbury Dairy Milk Marvellous Ice Creams. R&R Ice Cream chose PageSkin Plus with the extended header unit to showcase the characters of their campaign. ISM’s creative solutions team created the bespoke animation of the penguins marching across the screen, to really bring the campaign to life.

The campaign ran across ISM’s portfolio of premium publishers in the UK and targeted British households with kids.

Research process

ISM used a high quality webcam eye tracking system that delivered insights on where people looked and what they engaged with during the viewing process.

This innovative system allowed the most accurate tracking possible, even when people moved, lighting changes or when the face was partially obstructed.

Moving heatmap on desktop

Viewing pattern/ areas of interest  Cad desktop_heatmap_2

Moving heatmap on tablet

Viewing pattern/ areas of interest 

Tablet slide

Both heatmaps show sustained attention as the penguins march into view, with considerable focus on the brand and ice cream tubs as well.

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