Mobile advertising in the UK has seen an explosion of growth over the past 5 years, with the latest IAB figures revealing the total UK mobile market at £1.7 billion in the first half of 2016, having climbed by 56.1% year on year.

The good news is that the growth isn’t slowing down. However, as with any emerging media there are a number of challenges that the industry needs to tackle head on to ensure continued advertiser confidence in mobile advertising.

ISBA and the  IAB have partnered to produce a Handbook to help advertisers and their agencies work together to exploit mobile advertising’s incredible opportunities, driven by improvements in technologies and measurement.

Inskin Media’s CCO, Steve Doyle, has contributed to the book and wrote a chapter on Viewability (page 56). 

Key takeaways: 

  •  Viewability rate benchmarks vary across vendors, and are generally reported to be between 40-60%
  • The viewability rate of a given campaign is determined by multiple interdependent factors, such as format, placement, environment and platform
  • “Viewable” doesn’t mean “effective”
  • Using the wrong approach in optimising against viewability  has the potential to decrease the effectiveness of a branding campaign



Steve Doyle

Steve is responsible for Inskin’s global revenue, and agency/advertiser adoption of Inskin’s ad formats. He is on the board of the IAA UK Chapter, has chaired the IAB Video Council since 2012, and was named Commercial Director of the Year at the IPA Media Owner awards 2013. Steve joined Inskin Media in 2009 from Virgin Media/IDS where he spent 4 years as Sales Controller.


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