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Inskin Media partnered with Carat Media Singapore, to promote the latest Adidas Ultraboost campaign on desktop and tablet. Adidas chose PageSkin Plus, with incorporated video in the extended header unit, to maximise the brand impact.

Powerful animation and branding in the sidebars follows the user as they scroll down the page. The unique selling proposition (USP) is ‘The Product Hot Spots’ functionality that  enables user to click and reveal feature information.

Product Hot Spots 

Adidas trainers 1Adidas trainers 2Adidas tariners 3







Adidas Mac book air imageKey takeaways: 

  • 365,316 Viewed Impressions
  • 5195 Clicks
  • 1.42% CTR
  • 172,645 Unique users
  • 106.10 Seconds average dwell time per impression
  • Total dwell time on desktop and tablet: 10,766.25 hours




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