GDPR compliance

Inskin takes data privacy seriously. We are on track to achieve GDPR compliance in advance of the deadline of May 2018.

Measures we have taken include:

  • Appointment of a Data Officer and GDPR Project Manager
  • Company-wide data audit, encompassing business processes and ad technology
  • Privacy policy review
  • Internal GDPR training
  • Review of all vendors’ GDPR compliance. These include but are not limited to: comScore, Oracle, MOAT, Salesforce, Sage, Google Cloud, Amazon AWS.
  • GDPR impact evaluation on our ad serving technology and associated services

Ad tech Impact

During the ad delivery process, Inskin collects very little personally identifiable information (see 1) and we do not collect or access any sensitive information (e.g. race, religion, ethnicity - see 2):

  1. We process users’ IP addresses (for the purposes of approximate geographical targeting of ads) and a unique user ID (for counting unique users across our network). More details can be found in our privacy policy. These items of information can, in some instances, be deemed personal information: we are working with the relevant industry specialists to determine any additional measures necessary to ensure absolute GDPR compliance before May 2018.
  2. Occasionally we are asked by advertisers to collect user-supplied personal data (such as name, email address) via a user-completed online form. This information is stored and transferred to the client securely, and then deleted.

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