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PageSkin™ Family

High-impact, non-intrusive, in-view

PageSkin is a high-impact online advertising solution that wraps around entire web pages in a takeover style. Frequency capped to maximise reach, the branding and call-to-action are 'in view' for an average of 60 seconds per impression. Ad-tag-served, PageSkin is easy to integrate, scalable and user-friendly.

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InSkin Video™

Unique positioning, superior engagement

Impactful and eye-catching, InSkin Video is an online display ad format that wraps around online video content. Delivering unparalleled dwell time, it maximises brand exposure, increasing campaign awareness and driving click-through rates. Its non-intrusive nature delivers a user-friendly experience.

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Interactive pre-roll; memorable and engaging

i-Roll is an interactive video ad format that adds branding and calls-to-action to standard pre-roll. Playing for 10-30 seconds before online video content, i-Roll is seen as more engaging and less intrusive than standard pre-roll, increasing brand recall and brand interaction.


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